6 reasons why we should “get out to help out”

1. Help out local businesses

Your local businesses need you. These are uncertain times and your local business will disappear if you don’t help

2. Better routine

If you’re lacking the motivation or discipline to work from home then a routine of getting out of the house in different surroundings can help.

3. Focus on work

Distractions at home can have an impact on your performance at work. Get away from the kids, partner, TV and household chores and focus on your work.

4. Life Balance

Working from home can mean you find it hard to stop working at the end of the day. Do you find yourself working more hours? Working away from home can help separate your work from your personal life.

5. Save money

Heating, electricity and water bills are going to go up with a sustained period or working from home. How about working from a pub with a log fire instead?

6. Mental health

Spending too much time at home with little social interaction can have an effect on your mental wellbeing. Get out of the home and interact with others. Just remember to maintain your social distance!


Today I worked from Brew Dog – Clapham

This week we added the London Brew Dog bars to To celebrate this, I spent Friday trying it out for myself.

The Brew Dog package (‘Desk Dog’) costs £7 and includes unlimited coffee, wifi and a beer at the end of the day. So, how did working from a Brew Dog pub work out?

I arrived at the Clapham Pub at around 2pm (Brew Dog bars don’t open early), I mentioned “Desk Dog” to the hostess and I was quickly taken to a table next to a window with access to a power socket and was given the wi-fi password without asking.

Not too much noise

Brew Dog bars have music. However, I didn’t find it too loud or annoying. If you have regular calls or meetings and need quiet, this might not be for you.

Great Wi-fi

To do my job I need an excellent wi-fi connection. I had no issues at all. This was a lot better than I had expected, no buffering. For free there public wi-fi is very good.

Lovely Drinks

As described the coffee was free (and is actually good coffee from a machine) and offered to me as soon as I sat down, however it was Friday and it wasn’t long until I was sipping on a lovely cold Punk IPA.

If you need to get out of the house and you don’t mind a bit of background noise (that’s not particularly loud) I would highly recommend the Brew Dog Pub in Clapham.

I look forward to coming back here. Happy Friday, Cheers!


Sick of working from home? Try Pub Desking.

What is Pub Desking and why is it popular?

Pub desking is when you work from a pub. For a set price (usually £5 – £10) you get a table (with power and wi-fi) for a few hours. Sometimes this includes a drink, a meal or unlimited tea / coffee.

Why should you do “Pub Desking”?

Pubs need our help. The Covid restrictions have limited their business opportunities. They need new ways to create income. Pub desking allows us to help each other.

It’s likely you’ve been WFH for over 6 months. Are you sick of it? Although there are plenty of benefits to working from home, there are also down sides. Distractions, lack of social interaction, a worse work / life balance and the cost of utilities.

The alternative is to work from a warm, quiet pub away from the distractions, a place where you can focus. Then at the end of the working day, you can go home and forget about work.

What’s included in a pub desking package?

All venues in our list are required to provide:

  • A safe, quiet desk to work from
  • Access to a plug
  • Wi-fi
  • Access to bathroom facilities
  • Follow latest government Covid-19 advice

Depending on the package, a venue can also include a drink, tea and coffee or a meal.